GEM Defense & Security is a privately held multinational corporation whose four principals have more than 100 years of combined experience working within the global defense industry. With over 20 years of demonstrated staff experience securing nuclear weapons for the Government of the United States internationally and over 40 years of demonstrated staff experience protecting petroleum infrastructure worldwide, GEM Defense & Security is uniquely qualified to offer high-level defense expertise to approved clients. GEM Defense & Security is a multi-cultural firm and prides itself on its successful experience working with people, countries and cultures. Our extensive defense experience, the diverse backgrounds of our staff and our understanding and acceptance of both people and the world are our greatest defining assets.

Financial Strength:  GEM Defense & Security maintains Multi-Currency credit lines with a variety of global financial institutions. An immediately available U.S. line of credit extends to $20 Million USD to provide initial funding for any project.

Client Base:  GEM Defense & Security staff members work with a diverse range of clients that include both Governments and Commercial Corporations. A partial client list is provided below. Contract information for clients not listed here can be provided after a due-diligence review.

Government clients include: Commercial clients include: References: Specific contract information can be provided to approved clients after a due-diligence review.

Past Performance:  GEM Defense currently maintains a 100% on-time and on-budget past performance rating for both Government and Commercial contracts.
September, 2007